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Star Wars: Galaxy at War is a personal fan project that I have been working on since shortly after the release of EA's SWBF in 2015. This project has been something that I work on periodically, usually around multiple Star Wars releases due to my excitement and hype for the franchise.

This concept focuses heavily on the space combat and resource management, taking the ideas explored in Empire at War and evolving them for the modern age of games and fidelity.

This is an idea that I like to work on every so often to keep me fresh and I'd love one day to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to make it a reality.




Real Time Strategy


PC (Windows)


Solo Fan Project

Galaxy At War Logo.png


Star Wars: Galaxy at War is a long term fan project that I like to work on periodically around Star Wars Releases. Galaxy at war takes heavy inspiration from Empire at War but uses a resource system and not purely credits.

For many Years this was just spreadsheets and mockups but the last few times I've actually started putting stuff in-engine using Unreal Engine 5.


Core Game Mechanics

Representing Resources in Space Battles

Database, Pre-Production & Pre-Prototyping

Galaxy At War (RTS) - Empire At War - Excel.png
SWGaW- Locations (Notion) - Age of Empire.png

For me as a Star Wars fan, I've always since childhood wanted to explore this galaxy and universe through my own stories and interpretations, be that via games or film.


With the the advent of EA's Star Wars titles, especially SWBF 2015 games had reached the stage where we could make content that looked like the original movies and i'd always love the RTS genre and yearned for the times of Empire at War.

Going back to it years later was still lots of fun but even with all the faithful modding communities. it was dated... it made ask myeslf what I would do if I was in charge of a new RTS for the Star Wars franchise in this modern era of film quality fidelity in games.

So at first it was just a bit of some mock ups using assets I could find on the internet but all that did was make me want to be able to play this more.


So after that I started in what I call the database phase which was compiling the info about planets their resources, vehicles, manufactuers, units, notable research items etc into an excel spreadsheet and slowly adding to it each time a new game film or streaming show came out.

In the Christmas period of 2021-2022 I was offered a role at a AAA FPS studio which would ultimately fall through but in that time I decided to start on a passion project that I could do in my spare time so I started by moving everything over to Notion as I was now using it for all my design wikis. I was then offered another role again at the launch of Unreal 5 so I started learning UE5 and working on this concept in engine.

First was a test of star wars scale in their ships which I knew was going to be an issue before starting but could only really see the scope of it once I had things in engine. The Super Star Destroyer is so massive in comparison to everything else that it becomes a detriment to any fun gameplay and the fighters would be specs of sand in comparison.

Excluding them from gameplay I could make arguments for the scale of all other objects. and set off with a max size of vehicles for my experiments and testing with the most massive ships being a problem for future Michael which might just be scaling them down for the sake of gameplay.

SW_GalaxyatWar - SizeChart.png
SWGaW Galaxy Map B01.png

Game Modes

Current Status


Currently this is has reached the end of a pre-prototyping phase but is now ready for actual prototyping now that I have completed the level design test, scale tests and the database being failry complete (with more content always being added every time there is a new Star Wars).

Progress is always slow on this as it's my side-side-side project that I use to take a break and refresh myself with so it goes in an out of active development all the time, usually around periods with lots of new Star Wars content.

In 2023 I
 was working on Star Wars content in the VFX industry so I didn't get much done as I was getting my fill for working on this franchise I adore elsewhere.

Having recently finished my stint in that industry getting credits on Star Wars for my work on Ahsoka it has pushed my work on fan passion projects more toward the film side of my passion projects for star wars, with even some ex-ILM employees suggesting I pursue that film idea.

This will continue in the background but I've recently started a project where I can use my lessons from this experience and I'm already making good progress just 2 weeks into it early prototyping.


First Contact

FirstContact Sol Rotations.gif

In the last few weeks of 2023 I started a new solo project alongside my team work as I felt like working in a team environment when everyone is busy was holding back my own production so I decided that I would start something I could work on myself especially having some down time after finishing up my contract at Luma.

First Contact as combination of a Civilisation Builder and RTS game was born out of my love of space, sci-fi and science in general.

I was able to get to in engine tests and prototyping really quickly for this as my time working on Galaxy at war had already answered some questions on how to get this to work.

I've only stopped this project to update my portfolio then it's back to it whilst I have the time to do so.

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