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Lead Game, Combat, Systems and Level Designer


Y2K is set in the early hours of the 21st Century where our protagonist, an overworked software engineer with the Millennium Bug Task Force, finds that the computers and machines have turned against humanity.

In this Hack N'Slash the player is up against the hardest foes: Office Printer, Outdated PCs and the other perils of working in an office.

In this prototype I was testing out narrative elements of the story and interesting ways to design an office building which would normally have each floor basically identical.

I was also testing a UI system that operated like a Windows 95 PC, with windows used as prompts and dialogue. This also meant I could mess with the player and make them feel how the character would with Blue Screens of Death and other visual glitches.


2020 (Prototype)


TPP Hack N'Slash


PC (Windows)


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