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Game, Systems and Level Designer


M.I.A. came from a desire to create a multiplayer game that got you out of waiting in lobbies or using UI in the main menu to alter your classes/loadouts etc. I also have had an urge to see if i can tell a compelling narrative in the form of Multiplayer, something with characters you care about and with stakes that feel real.


In M.I.A. you command and play the soldiers who have been missing in action throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In this game you are given control of a task force of either German or Russian soldiers from the Napoleonic Era to the Second World War and must survive the harsh unknown environment  that you and your fellow countrymen find yourselves in.

This prototype was to test the hub world features and systems with players able to order creates of weapons/equipment and redistribute equipment to their soldiers.

In the hub world the player can also fast travel between core locations using a kubelwagen and driver or deploy to combat by jumping in the back of an Opel Blitz. The idea of using what would be a button in most games into an NPC interaction was intended to keep things feeling diegetic and to create a  greater sense of player immersion.

The level was also designed for both the single player experience but also for a large multiplayer experience such as those found in Battlefield or Call of Duty's Ground War mode.


2021 (Prototype)


Multiplayer FPS with Singleplayer HUB World


Crossplatform (PC, Playstation and Xbox Consoles) [Intended]
PC (Windows) [Prototype]


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