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Game and Level Designer


Grenadier is a game concept that has become a passion project of mine that started with the idea of what if I created a first person shooter with no guns. I've always been a big fan of grenades, suing them to good use in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and later games like PUBG. So naturally I landed on the idea of using various types of grenades from the last century.

Grenadiers original map designs seen below are large in scale, similar to a battlefield style map, the current thought process is to aim for something smaller either like a larger Call of Duty multiplayer map or one keep it big but scale it down to the size of the Call of Duty Ground war maps.


Ongoing (Latest Work Completed 2019)


Multiplayer FPS


Crossplatform (PC, Playstation and Xbox Consoles) [Intended]

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