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During High School I started doing paid professional video production work.

During university I opened a video production business and worked for clients such as Australia Post.

I also freelanced during this period, working with bands  such as Temper Trap among others.

I volunteered as an assistant theatrical armourer with John Fox for a few smaller productions before we attempted to get me a internship. This unfortunately didn't come to fruition due to red tape between Victoria Police and Film Victoria.

I am an award winning film maker with Sheets in which I was a producer (among other roles including prop and set designer).


I find that sometimes when i'm looking to design a space I find that creating a piece of concept or key art that gives me or people on my team an idea of what a location should look and feel like.

I find this really helpful in the exploration phases of design, as I begin to piece parts of the environment together and can foster some creative sparks that I can then use as a catalyst for my designs.

I also feel that this can be incredibly useful for eliciting a specific emotional reaction in my audience.

I often will use hand drawn sketches or art created in photoshop using source images as a baseline to create my concept art, using something to work off allows me to get closer to the vision I had in my head.


Communicating a design or a creative vision generally needs images to support the words and diagrams.

As part of many of my enemy AI or character designs I will create some form of character art. I find this helps me understand how an enemy AI would behave of to get down into the mind and backstory of a character.

It terms of mediums I generally use photoshop with a wacom tablet but long before I had the tech to do it digitally I would do it on paper, freehand at first but as I got older I would use human templates to ensure I get proportions correct etc.

These days paper sketches are generally done in early the exploration phase to get ideas down on the page.

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