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A Game Designer with a history in Production Coordination for VFX for Hollywood Films/Streaming Services that specialises in combat, systems, as well as level design for First Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy games .


Game development is a passion  that spans back over 20 years.
In my Portfolio I have a selection of some of my favourite designs I have done over a period spanning the majority of my life. This includes fan project mock ups, passion project design, failed projects and the more  recent success stories.

I feel its important to include unsuccessful projects as they teach some of the hardest and most important lessons.

GRENADIER MOCKUP-M24GrenadeTree-ProgressionA02.png

For a long time I thought all of game design was coding so I'd create mock ups including UI of how a game should act and play. In my UI Portfolio I have a selection of some of my favourite designs including fan project mock ups and passion projects that I have worked on since I was a child.

UI And UX design is something that I think about even when working on other aspects of design as how the player get their feedback and how they interact with the games are an integral part to any good game design.

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